19 February 2019

Play without interference! Here's how to activate Gaming Mode on all Androids

  Admin       19 February 2019
Playing games on an Android smartphone is certainly something that is usually done by some people to fill their free time. Currently there is a variety of popular game titles that can be played for free, such as PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, Brawl Star and many more.

One of the problems that usually appears when playing is annoying notifications. Generally notifications that appear suddenly will make the player lose so it often results in defeat. To save notifications when playing games on Android, some smartphone vendors have provided gaming mode features. This feature will block notifications from appearing and others to improve smartphone performance when invited to play.

If your smartphone does not support this feature, there are now an application that provides similar benefits, for example the Gaming Mode application - The Ultimate Game Experience Booster. The application released by Zappcues can maximize gaming by blocking notifications so that there will be no more interference.

How to use it is quite easy, just download the Gaming Mode application, then install it as usual on an Android smartphone. Then enter the settings in the upper right corner and activate Global Settings, then other menus can be selected automatically.

To avoid notifications when playing, activate Notification Blocking and Auto Reject Call. Then the Disable Auto Brightness menu is useful so that the smartphone screen light is not suddenly dim or bright. Menu Clear Backgrounds Apps allows you to delete applications that run in the background while playing.

If you have set the menu, then go backed to the home page and click the Plus button below to add the game title. In addition to games, you can also add a streaming movie application to make the watch more comfortable. When you want to play, click the play button and the Gaming Mode feature will automatically activate.

That's how to activate the Gaming mode feature on all Android smartphones. With this application, of course notifications that appear no longer interfere with the game. Good luck!

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