15 February 2019

How to make CCTV using an Android Smartphone

  Admin       15 February 2019
Making CCTV using your Android smartphone is a pretty smart way?Maybe for most CCTV people are not so important, but for those who have experienced theft, then realize how important this CCTV is. If your goods have been stolen especially if there is no strong evidence to look for a thief, we will not be able to do anything, at most try to sincerely lose.

So now it turns out that Android can be used as CCTV or as a surveillance camera, how come it can, even though CCTV usually has to buy, which is actually quite complicated. This can happen because a smartphone that is currently up to date, with the back camera function on the smartphone and google playstore to download the application, the android smartphone can be changed so that various features include being used as surveillance cameras or CCTV.

This method only requires a WiFi network. We can create WiFi networks with tethering WiFi or by using a router in your home. This method does not use an internet connection at all, all you need to do is connect your Android phone and other devices on a WiFi network.

How to make CCTV using an Android smartphone

1. Download the IP Webcam application first in the playstore, and install it as usual.
2. Make sure between Android and other devices, such as a computer or laptop connected to a WiFi network.
3. Now open the IP Webcam application on the Android mobile, and Select on the Start server.
Android As CCTV
4. Then, look at the bottom of the Android cellphone screen, there will appear a link like the IP Address, note the link.
CCTV Using Android
5. Now open the browser on your laptop or computer. Open the IP Address that was printed on the android screen earlier. You can watch live results from your Android camera.
Android CCTV
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