20 February 2019

Danger of hearing songs using earphone while sleeping

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Don't get used to listening to songs with earphones while sleeping, see the dangers that you should know about this!

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Do you often sleep while listening to songs using earphones or earbuds?
Maybe for most people, sleeping while listening to songs is an unnatural thing. But if you are one of them, then you have to know the danger.

Even though in some cases the song will improve the quality of sleep, but also can bad for your body. This is the danger of hearing songs using earphone while sleeping!

Danger of hearing songs using earphone while sleeping

The danger caused by using the wrong earphones during sleep can be fatal, guys, here are the dangers cited from Nap Season and The Sleep Advisor.

1. Earwax Formation / Ear Wax
You who uses earphones or earbuds that cover the ear cavity can form earwax in the form of liquid or ear wax.
This can occur because the earphones cover the air circulation when you fall asleep. Earwax can be pushed towards the ear drum when you use earphones, this is dangerous for a long time.

2. External otitis risk
Otitis externa is the scientific name for inflammation of the outer ear or infection that occurs in the area of ​​the ear cavity. The name varies depending on position of the infection.

This is rare, but can be formed from friction between the skin and earphones when you sleep so that it becomes irritated. It usually happens if your earphones use poor material.
Irritation of the ear cavity can cause infection, and this extra otitis can spread to the dangerous eardrum.

3. Can Cause Necrosis
Next is Necrosis or cell injury which causes death in certain body tissue cells. This can happen if you use earphones while sleeping with your head sideways.
In a sideways position, the earphone will press one side of the ear for a long time and clog the bloodstream.

Of course, you don't want one part of your ear to experience necrosis right?

4. The Brain Cannot Rest
Hearing songs that are inappropriate or too hard will cause various risks to the body. Loud sounds that are most suitable for listening to songs during sleep are less than 60db.
Sound that is too loud or above 60db will make various parts of the ear cavity become tired.

Quoted from Healthline.com, here is the danger if you hear a song that sounds too loud for a long time:

- Impacts badly to kill brain cells and cause deafnesses.
- Decrease mood
- Lowering the immune system
- It's hard to sleep soundly
- Can adversely affect male fertility and pregnant women.

5. Dangerous Earphone Cables
Finally, wired earphones can be dangerous if you use them while sleeping. The dangling cable can twist some parts of your body and be fatal.
It would be nice if you are looking for a wireless song listening device that won't harm you because of the cable.
You can use a special bedphone or earphone to use while sleeping. One brand that provides it is Dubslabs.

Of all the vices of hearing songs using earphone while sleeping, are there any benefits?

Advantages of Using Earphone while Sleeping
1. Closing Noise
You who lives in boarding houses or have neighbors who like to party at night, you can overcome by using earphone while sleeping.
However, to keep from getting the 5 risks above, make sure you use a special bedphone or earphone to use while sleeping.

2. Relaxation
Choosing the right song such as relaxation music or light jazz can help you sleep and make you wake up refreshed.
Some earphones can provide white noise which makes your body relax, but if you can hear relaxation songs 45 minutes before going to bed, it will improve sleep quality.

The final word
Yes, indeed hearing songs while sleeping in a way that can properly improve the quality of your sleep. However, you also have to pay attention to the dangers too.
If you have an interesting story about your experience sleeping using earphones, write it in the comments' column. See you in the next article!

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