20 February 2019

2 Ways to Easily Change Instagram Fonts

  Admin       20 February 2019
You are looking for ways to change Instagram fonts? Here's a trick from Admin to change the font on Instagram very easily.

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You feel bored with the look of Instagram, right? Like the watching people on Instagram change fonts that are weird? Want to change your Instagram font but don't know how?
Instagram does not provide many unique features in the application. Even for just changing the Instagram theme we need the help of a third party application.

Well, to change the writing or font on Instagram it also needs 'a little trick!' Want to know how to easily change Instagram fonts? Calm down guys! Admin will tell you the secret!

2 Ways to Easily Change Instagram Fonts
Admin only provides two of the easiest ways to change letters on Instagram because both of these methods certainly work and you can easily do them.

1. Using the Application
First of all, you download and install the Cool Fancy Text application on your Android or iPhone. This application is 100% free and easy to use.

First Step
- Open the Cool Fancy Text Application
- Copy the words you want to enter on Instagram.
- Open the Cool Fancy Text application as usual, then paste the words that you copied earlier.

Download Cool Fancy Text here (Android) or
Download Cool Fancy Text here (iPhone)

Second Step:
- Choose the font you like. Choose unique fonts and the most different ones so that you can see your font differences with other Instagram users.
- Hold or hold in the font you want. There are dozens of fonts that you can choose and choose from.

Third step:
- Open your Instagram account / other person you want to put the words whose font has been changed, select paste the words.
- Done! Look, the font that Admin sent
different and attract attention.

2. Without Using the Application
If your cellphone's memory is full and can't store many applications, you can really change the Instagram font anyway!
Here's how! Look, guys!

Step One
- Open the Coolsymbol Site
Open the Coolsymbol site in your mobile browser, then paste the words you want to change the font. You can do this on both Android and iPhone phones.
- Select the font you like and want on this site, then select copy.

Second Step:
- This time Admin tries to replace IG Instagram font for Bio. You only need to paste the words whose letters have been changed in the bio / username column.
- Done! Look, the font name Admin has changed righted? Really, right?

The final word
Thus tips from Admin how to change the Instagram font. Really easy right? If you have a desire, what Instagram features do you really want to have? Please share and comment on this article to continue to get information, tips & tricks and news about technology from Android96.com

Thank you for reading the article 2 Ways to Easily Change Instagram Fonts

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