17 February 2019

How to Fix a Smartphone Battery Charging Problem Not Full

  Admin       17 February 2019
Something that is very confusing because when we charge the smartphone the battery is sometimes not full even though it has been on a charger for a long time, but why it is reduced, whereas we hope the battery that has been charged is fully charged. about how to overcome smartphone charging that doesn't go full.

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Please note that the problems that can occur in battery power are not only caused by damage to the battery, it could be due to the difficulty of the cellphone hardware which is very closely related to the battery such as damage to the IC Power, IC Charger or the effort on the battery path that supplies power. Here are some ways to overcome them.

How to Overcome Smartphone Battery Charging Not Full

1. Make sure the Charger that you are using is the original charger from the HP, do not ever use another HP charger, because it is feared that the input and output power are not the same so that the HP is overheating.

2. If your smartphone uses a battery that can be removed, then use the battery with the same voltage and capacity, then observe whether charging is normal.

3. Finally, try charging with the condition of the smartphone turned off, then observe whether the power goes in and runs normally. Then all problems will be resolved.

If, if the three methods above do not produce results and the battery of your smartphone is still reduced when charged, then the cause is damage to the smartphone hardware, especially on the IC Power or IC Charger of your smartphone.


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