21 February 2019

How to Create a Smartphone Camera as a PC Camera

  Admin       21 February 2019
With the android application we can make video calls on a PC using a smartphone camera as a replacement. Here's how to make an HP camera as a PC camera.

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Most desktop PC users generally don't have webcam accessories. So, what if we want to make a video call? Take it easy, you can make an Android camera as a PC camera.

By relying on an Android application, we can make video calls on a PC using a smartphone camera instead of a webcam. Practical, isn't it?
You are, you don't need to buy a webcam device separately. Well, you want to know how to make an HP camera as a PC camera, here are the steps!

3 Ways to Create an HP Camera as a PC Camera

Method 1: Use the DroidCam Application

- The first step, install the DroidCam application on your Android and PC / Laptop.
Download DroidCam Android here.
Download the DroidCam PC here

- The second step, connect to the same Wi-Fi network. Now, to make your mobile camera become a webcam, you MUST use a Wi-Fi network. Connect your Android and PC / Laptop to the same Wi-Fi network.

- The third step, connect the IP Address. Make sure your cellphone is connected with a USB cable on PC / Laptop.

- Finish ! Now you can use your mobile camera as a PC / webcam camera.

Method 2: Using the Webcam IP Application
To make a camera Android smartphone as a webcam for PC, prepare the ingredients first, namely the IP Webcam application for smartphone and IP Camera Adapter for Windows PC.

- First, install the Webcam IP application on
your Android smartphone and IP Camera Adapter on PC.

- Open the IP Webcam application so you will see some settings like username, password, screen resolution, and more. You can adjust the settings then click Start Server.

- After that you will see the IP address at the bottom of the smartphone screen.

- Now open this IP in the Chrome browser or Firefox on your smartphone.

- Then open Configure IP Camera Adapter that you have installed on the PC and change the "URL feed Camera" with the IP address and port that you can get from the application.

- Done! Now you can open the application
video calls on your PC like Skype or Facebook Messenger, using a camera
Android smartphone.

Method 3: Via USB Debugging
You can use Android as webcam even without WiFi. All you need to do is activate the USB Debugging mode on your Android smartphone. How:

- First, you must enable USB Debugging mode on an Android device.

- Install the DroidCam application on Android.
Now connect the smartphone to the computer via USB and then let the computer install the necessary drivers on the PC.

- Now you have to download and install the Dev47apps client on a Windows PC.

- After that, open the DroidCam Client, and like this it looks. Select the USB icon then click Start. If the driver is not installed, download it here.

It's easy to make a cellphone camera as a PC camera! With the DroidCam application, you can choose a connection using WiFi or USB to your computer. Good luck!

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