08 January 2019

Full Metal Monster Apk Mod V0.1.5 Latest Version

  Admin       08 January 2019

FULL METAL MONSTERS is a third-person action video game where we will fight driving a number of mechanical dinosaurs, armed with the most lethal and powerful weapons in this apocalyptic world.

This atmosphere slightly reminds us of Monster Hunter, but here you will have hundreds of weapons to be armed in our wild animals. You can fight on earth or in heaven, drive flying dinosaurs, you can add modifications to your metal monsters to make them stronger and more resistant, face other dinosaurs and defeat them in battles of up to 5 players, etc.

But that's not all, FULL METAL MONSTERS has high-quality 3D graphics, sound effects generally envelop, fighters physically take us to the world of this giant and reckless creature, the controls are perfectly adjusted for touch screens and optimized for working with middle-class equipment. What do you expect to master this dinosaur robot and endless exploration!

With FULL METAL MONSTER you will have different games with everything you have seen so far. Fight against terrible metallic dinosaurs in the post-apocalyptic world, in action and 5 to 5 shooters synchronized in different modes. Control earth mechanics and flying animals. Tame and place in your batch command of a bloodthirsty metal hunter, ready for everything that prevents you from winning smash.

FULL METAL MONSTERS has been created and updated by AI GAMES FZ studio on December 28, 2018, currently in version 0.1.5 which is compatible with Android 4.1 and higher and is suitable for the whole family, has a score of 4.0 on google play and you can download the apk and obb is completely free on Android96.com

1- Mechanical: AI machines without biologica A Petworks or forgiveness, equipped with energy shields that protect them from old world weapons. T-Rex is at the top of the food chain in a metal forest. You can jump from one place to another at a dizzying speed and surprise several enemies at once. This creature is deadly in hand-to-hand combat: wrong moves, and enemies are cold attacks.

2- Very natural: life reappears on old world ruins. However, Jurassic monsters have taken action. Spinosaurus is a predator that is never satisfied. This killer eats smaller animals and knows how to defend himself in close combat and against superior enemies in strength. His leap gave him unprecedented mobility, while his strong roar could surprise all enemy groups and get them deadly.

3- Augmented: half human, half engine, combining the best of both worlds. Human intelligence and technology form a deadly combination. Triceratops: We advise you not to block when loaded. Triceratops is always looking for the next victim. Its sharp horns are difficult to avoid in empty-handed battles; In addition, these wild animals can restore their health if necessary.

- Unique atmosphere: find a new hostile world where only the strongest survive.
- Infinity game mechanics: make papilla enemies in close combat, attack from a distance, take clandestine acts of sabotage or throw everything into battle.
- Many different creatures: mechanical, augmented or truly natural.
- Skills: Every dinosaur is unique and has its own abilities, such as punctures, leaps, impressive areas, regeneration, and so on.
- Battle of earth and air: good news for dogfight lovers.
- We have flying dinosaurs and many other things.
- Choose the battlefield that you like the most.
- A large number of weapons: Complete your dinosaurs with the weapons you want, from traditional pistols to new generation blasters.

- Improvements and corrections added.
- Info Mod: Ammunition

- Size: 216.42 MB
- Application type: Action
- Developed: AI GAMES FZ
- Suitable for: All public
- Version: 0.1.5
- Updated date: December 28, 2018
- Language: Multi languages
- Requires Android: 4.1 and higher

=== (PlayStore) DOWNLOAD APK
=== (Racaty) DOWNLOAD APK + DATA

1-Install the APK.
2-Copy the folder "com.azurgames.dinosaurus" on the Sdcard / Android / obb path.
3-Ready to play!

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